Becca B Kids Party Boutique: Winner of the 2020 Best of Cherokee and plans for Thanksgiving

In the essence of Thanksgiving you may be asking yourself, what are you thankful this year?  We at Becca B can answer that question easily. We are so happy and thankful to be awarded winner of the 2020 Best of Cherokee in not one, but TWO categories: Best Children’s Clothes and Best Party Venue.  Thank you, Cherokee! Gobble Gobble, let’s eat!

We take pride in creating party ideas specifically designed for your child. Part of that entails figuring out which fabulous costume fits his or her imagination.  Whatever your child wants to show up as, be it a pirate, mermaid, superhero, princess, or even as kiddie Thanksgiving Turkey, we will make sure your child’s dream becomes a reality.

Anyone say Party? As always, with you, we will develop that special fit for any occasion and create a detailed plan for any type of special day. And attending with the costume to boot.

We hope to add to your list of things you are thankful for this Thanksgiving and ensure that your shopping is effortless. If you can’t make it to the store? No problem. You can shop virtually at any time be it  day or night.  Or if you prefer, make an appointment.  Either way it gives you more time to plan for this upcoming holiday. After all, the turkey and all the fixings cannot wait.

Speaking of cooking, how about a kid friendly recipe idea that will get you and the whole family into the holiday spirit wanting to yell, “Yum!”

Here are some incredible ideas all compliments of the Food Network!

Turkey Centerpieces
Turkey Cookies
Turkey Cheese Ball
Candy Cornucopia
No Bake Turkey Brownies
Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies
Acorn Cookies

Find all the details, pictures, and suggestion by following the link below.  Voila, bon appetite. Oh goodness, for now, just gobble it up!

Have a great holiday and remember we are here to help you celebrate the entire season!  There are countless ideas no matter what the event. Be sure not to miss our sales and specials! 

Waite, we hear something. It sounds like Santa Clause out and about on his yearly practice run in preparation for Christmas.  He just whispered, “I want you to remind your customers of another gift that you jolly people at Becca B offers, free giftwrap with ANY purchase.”

Then in a big Santa voice he just bellowed, “Be sure to expect me next month when I visit everyone’s house.  Tell the kids, don’t forget to leave cookies and milk by the tree. Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Just as soon as he arrived, he was gone.

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